Wednesday, January 8


In a scientific study of 40,000 people, researchers have concluded that the risk of stomach cancer - the number-two cancer killer - is reduced from 25 to 52% by eating fruits and vegetables. This isn't major news to those of us who pay attention. But I sometimes feel it's necessary to include these stop-the-presses revelations to highlight the overall dynamic of plant-based, as opposed to corpse-based, foods: Plant foods protect and fortify the body in innumerable ways; meat threatens bodily health in a plethora of ways and offers no nutritional advantage.


On the plus side, mainstream news outlets continue to wake up to the fact that animal-abuse industries are dying. The "decline of hunting" story has now broken out from the CWD ghetto and is being acknowledged in papers across the country, albeit usually with tears shed for this "venerable tradition." It's ironic that, as specified in this Christian Science Monitor story, one of the main factors is that a lot of boys are being raised by single mothers, and so aren't having that father-son "bonding" experience that would set their lives on the proper duck-destroying path. In other words, it's men's long tradition of fatherly absenteeism and apathy that has sunk their own pathetic tradition. And in a related area, the shift has been slow but is now incontrovertible: The traditional "Circus comes to town" story now almost inevitably focuses on the protests surrounding animal acts as more people wake up to the gratuitous cruelty inherent in such an institution. This Miami Herald one is typical, including the way the reporter fails to do the slightest research to confirm the fact that Ringling's Feld has been proven to use spies to infiltrate AR organizations (ever hear of Clair George?), but instead simply parrots the company's pat denial to, you know, give "both sides" of the story.


Geez, if all the people dying over the fall from poultry-induced listeria wasn't an emergency, what is? Apparently it's when a bunch of chickens in California get an avian-specific disease that might cripple the industry. Then it's a full-blown POULTRY EMERGENCY. As the article notes, "the emergency declaration clears the way for businesses to receive financial aid," in other words, taxpayer dollars. Once again, the birds get killed, the people get ripped off, the fatcats get rewarded for investing in the death industry. Welcome to 2003.

  • UPDATE 1/17: POULTRY EMERGENCY spreads to Nevada
  • UPDATE 2/6: Arizona declares POULTRY EMERGENCY
  • UPDATE 2/14: Ann Veneman has formally declared an "extraordinary emergency" in all three states. About 1,600 state and federal officials are randomly stopping cars in search of infected birds. Folks. Is it just me?