Wednesday, November 21


Here's the latest illustration of how the warped mindset of our meat-and-milk culture warps journalism. Granted, this is British tabloid "journalism," but it's only a more condensed form of the rest.

Heather Mills' latest bizarre rant: 'Why don't we drink milk from rats and dogs?' is the headline of this report on standard piece of vegan rhetoric pointing out how unthinkable it would be to drink these other animals' milks, yet we find it not only attractive but "natural" that we should be stealing milk from mother cows. In the mainstream world, though, doing that is not considered "bizarre," yet using logic and analogy to highlight the actual bizarreness becomes a "bizarre rant." It's the journalistic equivalent of fingers in the ears and "la,la,la, I can't hear you!"

RELATED? Just saw the movie Ratatouille, and couldn't help noticing that all the foods presented as staples of Paris' greatest restaurant were vegetarian, with the title dish, so epochally flavorful as to cause a Proustian epiphany to the food critic, is vegan. Make of it what you will.