Thursday, January 18


That's what a new study indicates, according to a new study from Case Western University School of Medicine - prion proteins were found in milk, and were, like actual prions in meat, extremely resistant to conventional attempts to destroy them. It's just a preliminary study, of course, but yet another reason not to classify milk as a "health food."

UPDATE: On the lighter side, The Onion (via Vegan Porn) comes through again with a product that perfectly encapsulates why I always felt a little skeevy about milk even when I was drinking it copiously, and why I similarly feared cottage cheese once it got runny. "Whether you're spooning it atop your cereal or simply enjoying a tall, lukewarm glass, Morning Clots' chewy, full-bodied texture and old-timey flavor will have you saying 'It's Coagulicious!'"

Monday, January 15


It appears that yet another idiotic, cruel institution - one we're all supposed to respect simply because it's been going on so long and has such pretty costumes - is due to fall by the wayside: Bullfighting in Spain is on the ropes partially because of a strong and organized AR movement against it there, but also, more importantly, because an increasing number of Spaniards simply find it to be an embarrassing irrelevancy: In a recent survey only 27 per cent of Spaniards expressed any interest in bullfighting, while 72 per cent declared no interest whatsoever. And with Barcelona closing its last bullring due to lack of attendance, this does not look like a trend set for reversal. I doubt that the whole country will ban bull "fights" outright anytime soon - but it's clear that in terms of the big picture, this despicable display of male insecurity is already in its death throes.