Thursday, February 20


In a definitive study of 75,000 women, researchers found a clear correlation between eating a meat-heavy "Western" diet and incidence of colon cancer. And though the headlines add "in Women" to the version above this entry, let's not kid ourselves, says Dr. Dennis J. Ahnen of the University of Colorado: "There is nothing unique about women in this regard — it just happens that there are only women in the cohort studied." Ahnen pointed out that "there is abundant geographic data that countries with a Western diet have higher rates of colorectal cancer while high-fat diets may be associated with higher rates in both men and women." But even as the lead scientist notes that "this information should be followed up by efforts to teach individuals and their physicians about what foods are healthy and high in fiber," and "I often devote a portion of my time with a patient to discuss
the importance of a high fiber diet,that "patients usually are not aware of what foods are actually the best sources of fiber," this article fails utterly to delineate what types of foods are high in fiber vs. low-to-nonexistent in fiber. After all, there's a pretty simple, easy-to-remember dividing line...

  • All high-fiber foods are plant-based.
  • All animal-based foods have zero fiber.

    See what I mean?


    This is only the latest in a parade of different types of fish that are dangerous to eat because of all the toxins that build up in their fat. But it's noteworthy enough for a separate entry because I know that a lot of pregnant women have leaned on tuna to fulfill their massive protein quotient. Word now is, more than two cans a week and you're endangering your offspring.

    Wednesday, February 19


    The Mayo Clinic surveyed 732 Minnesota residents and determined that only 16% of adults get five servings of fruits or vegetables each day. This is too bad, because not only did recent studies find that "a diet high in fruits, vegetables, legumes and certain oils -- also known as the 'Mediterranean diet'" -- reduces arthritis, and that eating fruit protects against cancer, but also that vegetable fats ward off Alzheimers, while animal fats contribute to the brain-wasting disease. So try to get your five-a-day now, while you can still keep track of 'em.