Friday, December 1


How'd I miss Carnival of Empty Cages #1 - #4? Dunno, but Eric Prescott at An Animal-Friendly Life sent this link along for this great monthly vegan-blog roundup, which I'm sure I would've linked even if he hadn't cannily included Meat Facts twice. Great to see all the vegan blogs proliferating, some of which I hadn't heard of before, and which I'll want to add to the side rail after I finish reading all these entries. Great job!


Regular Meat Facts readers may recall the years (jeez - years!) where I would celebrate "hunting season" with an ongoing tally of accidental shootings by hunters, and how recently I've tried to cut it down because it's both time-consuming and depressing. This year I'm going to cut it back to just the incidents that really, really stick out as noteworthy, with the caveat that these represent, of course, only the tip of the iceberg - an iceberg of idiotic homicides and injuries inflicted by people to whom their own momentary entertainment is more important than, literally, the life and death of others.

So here's just two fatalities, from right around here: "Deer hunter, 79, shoots self fatally" and a "beloved drug-sniffing police dog" - with police badge and all - also killed by a none-too-sharp shooter.

Monday, November 27


I have to admit that my only real concern in the messy Paul McCartney-Heather Mills divorce was whether Mills, who has since hooking up with Paul become quite vocal about veganism's benefits, would turn against the diet in a fit of guilt-by-association. But she appears to still be going strong on it if this is any indication: "My dream is to open a fast-food vegan chain but people don't know it's vegan; they just go in and go, 'Oh, let's try this.'" Dunno how much chance it has of happening, but at the very least I like her thinking.