Friday, October 7


PCRM has launched a class-action lawsuit over the lack of warning labels on cows' milk. Even if the suit itself gets thrown out of court, the action will succeed in bring press attention to the fact that "everybody should drink milk" is not only a ridiculous, cynical, profit-driven generalization but also has racist overtones - white people are the only ethnic group of whom a majority are not lactose intolerant. "The white stuff is the right stuff," is it?

Wednesday, October 5


It's here - shownotes here. For the fourth Vegcast we stop in at the Blessing of the Animals art opening at the Allens Lane Art Center, including some sound clips of interviews and a great song by Tyler Shepherd called "Animal Eyes." We also have part II of our Michael Greger interview, focusing on strategies and tactics in vegan activism, plus a recipe for chocolate tofu pie.

SIDE NOTE: Sorry for the outage again. As I continue working on Vegcast there is inevitably some time siphoned away from Meat Facts. For the foreseeable future I will try to keep up with both, but posting here will probably not occur on a daily basis. Thanks and feel free send any correspondence, tips or flames about this to me.

Tuesday, October 4


I suppose it's no suprise that the Dept. of Homeland Security considers vegans to be such enemies of the state as to require violation of their fourth-amendment rights. After all, the vegan agenda would dismantle one of the largest, and certainly the oldest, institutions of crony-based capitalism in the annals of U.S. history - the beef industry.


Since NYT has gotten even more restrictive about their content, I'll link right to Organic Consumers' version of this (which is where I saw it anyway), but the long and the short is that those new feed rules, promised back in January of 2003 and not even due to go into effect until sometime in 2006, still retain many of the loopholes that keep our country at risk of spreading Mad Cow.