Friday, May 9


Here's the latest USDA meat recall that you won't hear anything about - and why should you, it's only 34 tons of beef potentially contaminated with deadly E.Coli.

I'm declaring it a Friday recall because even though Reuters says the USDA released the information "late on Thursday," their own story is time-stamped 9:24 a.m. this morning and it's the earliest one I've been able to find (I also checked the AP wires). So yeah, Friday. Excellent work, USDA.

Wednesday, May 7


The HSUS put out another video of downed / abused cattle - this time at livestock auction houses, and though it won't make anywhere near the splash of the first one, it confirms what the USDA and meat producers continue to deny: That what we saw in that first video is not an aberration but Standard Operating Procedure.

Even meat-eaters are slowly opening their eyes to the reality:

    "Denise Clendening said she was surprised to see the new footage - shot this month at auction houses in Texas, Maryland, New Mexico and Pennsylvania - given recent heightened government scrutiny on the meat industry.

    'It's appalling this is still occurring,' Clendening said. 'One of the auction house owners interviewed said he was aware of the heightened scrutiny, so even with his awareness it's still occurring, which makes you realize this is ubiquitous.'"