Thursday, May 29


Danielle Konya of Allentown. Here's the Morning Call: "Vegan Treats has long been known in vegetarian circles and its desserts frequently sweep awards at Veg News, Vegetarian Times and Satya. The bakery supplies most of the vegan and vegetarian restaurants in New York and Philadelphia, and has just entered the Washington, D.C., market, where word spread in a matter of days. In New York alone, Vegan Treats has more than 40 accounts, including kosher restaurants. Her desserts have been served at mainstream restaurants such as Tavern on the Green."

Tuesday, May 27


I rag on PETA enough for the many things they do wrong, especially when it comes to dealing with children, so this is a good opportunity to herald them for doing something right: Pressuring school administrators to end a program that had children raising chickens from infancy and then killing and eating them. It worked.

Of course, as some pointed out, there was hardly anything unique about this - "4-H" clubs are devoted specifically to the practice of teaching children to raise animals for slaughter, even if they don't kill them themselves. Doubtless there are plenty of other programs like this in schools nationwide. But now that this one has been ended, it provides an example for others to follow.

Oh, and enough of that "this was raising kids' consciousness to turn them vegetarian" BS. If you want to devote class time to that there are plenty more effective ways to do so that don't involve killing animals. Do the kids all need to join the army and be part of a "My Lai" incident in order to understand that war atrocities are a bad thing?