Thursday, January 24


"Eating just two servings of meat a day can increase the risk of developing metabolic syndrome by 25 percent compared to consuming meat twice a week, according to new research." Interestingly, they don't give the figure it increases the risk over, say, not eating meat at all.

I know, I know... inconceivable!

Diet soda was also implicated in this case. I was one of those who quite definitely got headaches from it. Stopped drinking it a little over 10 years ago and have not had a headache since. So... go to hell, diet soda.

And to keep track for future reference, as much as anything else:

"This study is the third in three months to flag up potential risks with high meat consumption. Last December, a study by the USA's National Cancer Institute found that a high intake of red and processed meats may raise the risk of lung and colorectal cancer by up to 20 per cent. In November, the World Cancer Research Fund published a study which directly linked diet to cancer, with alcohol and red and processed meats posing particular risks."