Thursday, March 30


Not only are more kids' camps (of "mystery meat" fame) making veggie options available, at least one camp is serving vegan meals exclusively. And as if that weren't enough, I've heard talk that you'll finally be able to buy vegetarian hot dogs at the Phillies ballpark starting this season.

Tuesday, March 28


It never ceases to amuse me how far people will go to tamper with nature in order to maintain their "natural" diet, how much they'll abandon tradition in order to keep eating something for the sole reason that they're used to it. The latest in this trend is the supposed heart-healthy pork that has gotten headlines worldwide. We won't bother to list all the health problems unrelated to heart disease that pork consumption is associated with; the joke here is that you could do this with just about any plant food and get a food that has a terrific net gain for health, instead of this one where you hope it turns out to be a wash.

Monday, March 27


Mad Cow's not just for beef-eaters anymore: An study published in Science confirms that CWD prions are present in muscle meat of white-tailed deer, and the issue of vCJD in the blood supply is beginning to scare a lot more people. Meanwhile, Japan is considering re-opening its borders to US beef, but the Japanese people seem to have already instituted their own de facto ban.