Friday, October 19


Here's a cute mainstream article about a supposed romantic rift ("dating dilemmas") within the veg community between vegans and vegetarians. I probably wouldn't make note of it, but the good thing is, there's some nice ink for our favorite Vegan Freaks.

Frankly, any coverage of what veganism is probably helps in the long run, but it's kind of pathetic that mainstream sources have to tart such coverage up into confections such as this rather than address the real societal and industrial issues pertaining to this ideology. A sample quote: "Neither group eats meat. But that doesn't make life easier for vegans who try to date 'murderous' vegetarians."

Uh huh. I guess I don't get out much, because in my interactions with hundreds of vegans and vegetarians I have so far failed to ever encounter a single vegan referring to vegetarians as "murderous." But it makes good copy.