Thursday, July 6


I'll be in Johnstown through the weekend, so the intermittent level of posting will probably continue.

Hope you're there. Yes, you are, I'm looking at you right now.


Yes, Another mad cow.

Psych! It's from Canada, a completely separate country that totally has no common beef industry with us!

Wednesday, July 5


Even if there were no ethical argument against it, humans keeping elephants in captivity is something that just. doesn't. work. We're not cut out to be elephant caretakers, obviously, so let's stop pretending... can't we?

"An investigation by the Los Angeles Zoo has found that the keepers of a 48-year-old Asian elephant that died last month did not begin emergency procedures for more than eight hours after the elephant was first observed sitting down... a general sign of distress for elephants."

Are the zookeepers at the LA zoo familiar with the general signs of distress of all the animals in their charge? Are they familiar with at least those of the elephants?

"A statement from the zoo released Friday said [Gita] had initially been observed sitting down at 8:45 p.m. on the evening of June 9, but did not say who observed her."

Was that person a qualified animal caretaker - or somebody's nephew? I don't mean to be snarky, but come on, folks, this is a pretty egregious error and we need a few answers - and I hope you're not saying this is the kind of animal care that happens all the time at yours and other zoos.