Friday, July 12


As told by Eric Schlosser, Supreme Beef stopped just short of saying that in their argument that salmonella - "spread primarily by fecal material," as the author notes - is a "naturally occurring organism," so it shouldn't be prohibited by the USDA. And as we know, even when it is, the USDA does absolutely squat to punish the bozos who are selling feces to the American public under the name "meat," which is why the majority of meat on grocery store shelves and America's tables is salmonella-infected. Some critics pretend that this is much ado about nothing - "everything's bad for you" or "just cook it enough and you're fine" or "stop trying to ruin our fun!" But this is no academic concern: Government data links contaminated food to more than 76 million U.S. illnesses and 5,000 deaths every year, and the vast majority of that contamination is from animal feces. In other words, greedy creeps and their "keep the line moving" profit mentality kill over a dozen U.S. citizens every single day. Think about it. Here's another victim who obviously wasn't fully informed that he was eating crap in his restaurant meal, and who won't take much solace in the fact that salmonella is "naturally occurring."

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