Tuesday, August 20


"[We're doing things] that are not ethical," Batha says. "You can't dwell on that, because you'll get depressed."
"You have to close your mind to it."
These are quotes from an article on killing deer (without - gasp! - eating them, which would make it ethical, dontchaknow), but they illustrate the central problem with modern meat eating: We don't want to tthink about what we're doing. We do close our mind to it, and avoid any information about what happened to our meat before it reached our plate. That's why the widespread fraud, corruption and life-threatening sloppiness of this industry is so prevalent: because we don't want to watch. Then who should be watching? If your answer is the USDA, bear in mind that "The USDA, which some of us naively thought was there to protect consumers, really exists to promote the sale of U.S. farm products." Or so, at least, claim those wild-eyed anarchists at The Washington Post.

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