Wednesday, August 28


Barring some dramatic development, such as a 'fraud' lawsuit, this will be the last post on Gary Taubes's sensationalistic NYT Magazine piece, mentioned earlier, which explained how Taubes's own fat-laden (Atkins) diet was better for you than actual healthy food. It was no surprise that the Pritikin folks, who got slammed in Taubes's drive-by, soon posted their own common-sense corrections, as did PCRM. But some readers may have been a little unnerved when CNN had three of Taubes's experts on to discuss how they were wildly misquoted and misrepresented in the pro-fat rant. Now the Washington Post has followed up with a careful background check debunking - to his face - Taubes's assertions about what has or has not been proven by peer-reviewed research. Astonishingly (I guess), study after study shows that low-fat diets are better for not just overall health but weight-loss as well. Taubes is given a chance to explain how and why he managed to miss all of this crucial evidence, and his answers are priceless, especially the one that closes this article.

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