Wednesday, August 28


Once again the USDA steps in to assure that the "free market" for beef isn't affected by the same realities - such as weather - that affect plant-based agriculture. Four states will get $150 million - courtesy of taxpayers - in livestock feed at a drastically reduced cost. This isn't the only helping hand ranchers get, of course. Other than the USDA's constant buying and price-fixing, there's stuff like the following: "The Emergency Conservation Program and Environmental Quality Incentives Program have helped ranchers get water to dried up watering holes and stock dams. Opening land in the Conservation Reserve Program to haying and grazing has been a tremendous help as well, but Karlen says it still takes a lot of money to get the feed and water to the livestock." Yep. It sure does. Good thing you don't have to actually watch that money go down the drain.

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