Sunday, September 22


In the latest sign of MCI (massive corruption and incompetence) at the USDA, the General Accounting Office presented a report stating that the public is at risk for illnesses from tainted meat and poultry because the government is not doing enough to oversee slaughterhouses and processing plants. You have to ask yourself, how much clearer can it get? Do they need to spell it out any further - and say "B.S: It's what's for dinner"? Typically, not only did news outlets play down that angle, most of them simply ignored this alarming story. At least Forbes had the panache to pair it with another report saying that our food supply is at risk from bioterror. Of course, in such a scenario, meat is much easier to adulterate than produce because it won't go visibly rotten (or more rotten) from the introduction of foreign substances. But why bother poisoning something that's already poisoned?

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