Thursday, September 5


McDonald's is getting a good bit of press for halving the trans fats in their fries, as though that's going to somehow reverse the inevitable plunge of this junk food behemoth into the financial toilet as people grow more aware of how full of crap their stuff is. Once again a major change occurs immediately after something that McD's says is completely and totally unrelated - in this case the "fast-food lawsuit." But the real joke here is, yeah, the fries are junk food, but they're not going to kill you like a lot of the other stuff these folks are pushing. This story, which I'm pretty sure was completely coincidentally timed (I saw it on the web mere hours after the fries story broke) really hits the nail on the head: "these greasy fast-food burgers, when eaten every day, are going to cause significant health problems. Ultimately, the burger chains don't care about their customers' health. They're primarily looking to protect themselves from lazy, fat ..." well, I don't want to spoil it all for you. Click and go.

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