Wednesday, September 25


Regular Meat Facts readers will recall the alarming news that salmonella can survive cooking in sausages and can spread person-to-person. No sooner did we get over that than comes the news that E.coli can be spread through the air! That's right, through the frickin' AIR!!! This is worse than invincible hogs! But don't worry, folks - the new, improved, non-corrupt USDA is on the case: They're declaring WAR ON E.COLI. Why? Because of the ConAgra fiasco? No, no, no. It's because "scientific data clearly demonstrates the pathogen is more prevalent than previously estimated and that E.coli O157:H7 is a hazard that is reasonably likely to occur at all stages of handling of ground beef products." What they're saying is that at this point, any meat you buy probably has feces on it or in it - enough to sicken you and your whole family. Just don't breathe the air...

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