Thursday, October 3


Good to see that Meat Facts' feces-oriented critique is catching on. A Canadian environmental group has released a damning report entitled "It's Hitting the Fan: the Unchecked Growth of Factory Farms," which demands a moratorium on new factory farms in Canada until the industry submits to serious regulation. (You mean like we have here? *chortle*) The report points out that "Canadian livestock produced 164 billion kilograms of manure in 2001, enough to fill Toronto's SkyDome stadium twice a week."
Wow, that's vivid. Meanwhile, a little further south, still more people are raising their voices against animal slaughter operations, at least the ones in their backyards. Of Terry Long's proposed 6,000-chickens-a-day slaughterhouse in Pittsburgh, neighbors say, "the only thing that would have been more outrageous is if he had suggested putting a nuclear storage facility there." Yeah, well, toxic waste is as toxic waste does...

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