Monday, October 28


And yet another USDA-rolls-over-for-the-meat-industry story that seems to raise no eyebrows, much less set off any alarms: Irradiated beef is headed for the School Lunch Program, at the behest of the American Meat Institute. So the USDA, after feeding our nation's children dangerous feces-laden meat, rather than stepping back, taking responsibility, looking at the big picture, instead uses this screw-up as a tacit excuse for another backscratching bailout - this time of the meat-irradiation folks - shoving even more food of dubious safety down our kids' throats! What with Consumer Reports testing burger safety and finding it woefully lacking (including in ways irradiation will not counter), it seems that the solution proposed by PCRM makes more sense - stop forcing schools to buy cruddy meat, fer chrissakes! Let kids experience something other than the heart-destroying Standard American Diet. After all, if the folks at Johns Hopkins get their way, we'll all be skipping meat at least 52 days a year. Doesn't sound like a bad idea... for a start.

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