Monday, October 7


Once again, major news about contaminated meat was relased late on Friday afternoon. Boy, that sure does make ya wonder... Anyway, that mysterious listeria outbreak from (the Friday before) Labor Day? The one that's killed seven people so far? Sliced deli turkey is the probable cause. They won't yet say from where... but don't worry, we're all in safe hands now, because USDA Food Safety Undersecretary Elsa Murano is declaring WAR on foodborne illness!...again. Kind of like that war on terrorism, er, I mean, Iraq. As long as we keep declaring war, something good's bound to happen.

In related news, around these parts it may interest you to know that Super Fresh is one of the stores that was selling Cargill beef from that mondo 2.8-million pound recall. And further afield, At least it's not just us: Over a hundred people in England have contracted the same form of salmonella. Gosh, you don't think it might be relevant that they found salmonella in 1/3 of all European spiced meats, do you?

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