Sunday, December 1


This is a point I've been making myself for a while by juxtaposing news stories, and this study is far from definitive, but I thought it was worth linking to the first appearance I've seen of the basic concept spelled out for all to see: The mercury found in fish may counteract the benefits of omega3 fatty acids on the heart. In other words, no matter how heart-healthy fishes' Omega-3 fatty acids are, the mercury most fish has in it is that unhealthy and more. The story also claims that "warning(s) on mercury exposure should not be confined to high-risk groups like pregnant women, or those of child-bearing age who may become pregnant, as previously thought."
ALSO: This LA Times story on the devestation caused by salmon farming puts another ugly gouge in fish's "healthy" or "small-footprint" patina.

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