Tuesday, March 11


That's the title of this study from Germany that found that "People who eat little or no meat can expect to live significantly longer than the general population." OK, is that settled now? More meat = Less life. However, the study of 2000 vegetarians and near-vegetarians is not a slam-dunk for the no-animal-protein crowd, possibly due to the size of the sample and some inexact categorizing, possibly not. Little distinction seems to have been made between lacto-ovo vegetarians and occasional meat-eaters. Also, 60 people, or three percent, of the people were vegans, and their lifespans did not outpace the vegetarians or the eat-just-a-little-meat folks. More, better-proportioned studies could be done with larger groups of vegans to tease out whether this is an accurate assessment for 21st-century vegans, but even if so, the fact that most Americans are killing themselves early through their glut of meat-eating is incontrovertible.

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