Wednesday, April 9


The Center for Science in the Public Interest is all bent out of shape about Laura’s Lean Beef, which apparently has been voluntarily labeling its meat to give fraudulent nutritional info - namely, carrying three or four times the amount of saturated fat as claimed. Worse, many cuts have the American Heart Association’s "heart-check" logo even though the product may have three times the amount allowed by AHA guidelines. Well, this is funny, but not in the least surprising - hello, you expected a) BEEF to be HEALTHY, and b) MEAT producers to tell consumers the TRUTH? What reality is CSPI living in? I wondered why they concentrated all their energy on "Laura's Lean," until the last sentence, where it's explained that Laura's steaks are at least "leaner than the average supermarket steaks." So, in other words, this is the best-case scenario.

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