Monday, April 14


I've avoided making any mention of Dr. Atkins' unfortunate accident nearly a week ago, which has left him in a coma, on life support, because the cause seems unrelated to his irresponsible diet advice. I assume it is in fact unrelated, even though his surgery was to remove a blood clot, which we know can be exacerbated by poor cholesterol and/or high blood pressure, so sure, it's just a coincidence, and so was his cardiac arrest (not a heart attack!) at this time last year. But in another coincidence, the Governor of Alaska, who's been on the Atkins diet for a month or so, just underwent extreme heart surgery to open a blocked heart artery - and didn't even tell his own spokesman what he was going in for. I'm still holding out the benefit of the doubt, but coincidences make you wonder: How many non-famous Atkins dieters are in the hospital every day?
UPDATE 4/23: Another famous Atkins dieter is in the hospital today, having suffered a massive stroke. At present, popular crooner Luther Vandross in critical condition. News reports mention his having been on a liquid diet some 13 years ago, but not the fact that high-protein was his latest yo-yo of choice, as detailed in this ABCNews story from 2001: "In his recent dieting success, Vandross says he has discovered the secret to weight loss. Using a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet, he shed 120 pounds. 'I deleted carbohydrates, I deleted starches ... no bread, no rice, no pasta, no potatoes,' he explains. Breakfast, for example, is usually Egg Beaters or a turkey burger." Lest you think he was a couch potato, the story claims that "Along with his diet, Vandross is working out three or four times a week," and points out how "it can still be a struggle for him to stick to his diet. Just weeks ago, he suffered food poisoning..." Yep, that's one of the hazards of a meat-based diet. But not necessarily the worst.

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