Thursday, April 24


I've had a problem with reports of Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty using aggressive, terroristic tactics in an attempt to bully Huntingdon's employees and investors out of what they're doing (animal experimentation) and the injunction barring them from getting anywhere near employees' homes shows how far (too far) the group has pushed its luck. In the meanwhile, a different group, Uncaged Campaigns, has achieved a stunning victory with a non-bullying courtroom approach, forcing the release of a huge volume of confidential documents that detail how, once again, the experimentation was rife with fraud, illegality, and government collusion.

"In total," reports The Observer, "the documents reveal at least 520 errors and omissions," many of which resulted in needless and painful animal deaths. "The documents show that a quarter of the primates died from 'technical failures'." The paper continues, "Many of the 1,274 pages of documents reveal a litany of failings that will serve to ignite further controversy over HLS ... Fundamental questions over the value of vivisection itself will also be asked." Yes, let's hope so.

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