Tuesday, May 6


It's another jab in the seemingly endless back-and-forth of fish do/don't/do/don't feel pain, as scientists now say fish exhibit behavior indicating pain when they're hurt. But critics will pull out the different structure of the piscine nervous system to say we can't tell whether it means the same to them as it would to us, and on and on. All of which simply obscures the basic issue of removing fish from their daily lives to hurt and/or kill them: Why does it need to be done at all? If your answer is "for food," you may be as surprised as I was that trout farmers are complaining that Allowing fish to suffocate is cruel. With fish, I guess, it's a verrrry slippery slope.

UPDATE 5/16: Heh. Slippery slope indeed: Now the same question is being asked, again by the fishermen themselves, about lobsters.

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