Saturday, May 31


The scuzzbucket running the Buckeye Egg Farm is at it again: This time Anton Pohlmann, whose farming operation was kicked out of Germany for jaw-dropping public endangerment, and has already racked up a laundry list of extreme EPA violations in Ohio, has been cited by the FDA or ignoring livestock-feeding rules designed to protect consumers from drug-contaminated eggs and mad-cow disease." That's right - "Violations such as those cited by the FDA raise the risk of exposing egg consumers to antibiotics unfit for human consumption, developing medication-resistant strains of salmonella and spreading mad-freakin-cow disease"!! (freakin mine)

Gosh, what if you want to stay away from Buckeye Eggs for a while? "[T]here's no easy way for consumers to be certain they aren't buying Buckeye Egg Farm eggs because they're marketed under more than 100 brand names." Ah. And the moral is...? "It's just wrong for Buckeye (Egg) to put everyone in the United States at risk." Everyone who buys supermarket eggs, that is, but yeah, point well taken.

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