Tuesday, May 13


While no one seems willing to nail it down as fact, more and more reporters and commentators are addressing the probability that SARS arose from the animal trade in China. Laurie Garrett of Newsday says SARS linked to animal markets, while SFGate more elegantly mentions that SARS' origins may lie in China's exotic cuisine. A new AP story says SARS probably originated in animal, many experts say, and some op-ed writers are asking point-blank, "Did meat consumption cause SARS?" Meanwhile, as a reminder that it's not just one exotic disease, scientists at Edinburgh's Moredun Research Institute warn of a hidden risk of disease from animals: "Horses, cows, pigs ... are among other carriers of bacteria that pose an unknown risk to humans." Yep, it's all still unknown. But there sure are a lot of clues...

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