Sunday, June 29


As the Canadian livestock industry continues to reel from the effect of "one sick cow," patriotic Canadians are being urged to bail them out: "Consumers should beef up their barbecues with roasting cuts instead of regular steaks for Canada Day celebrations to help beleaguered cattle producers survive the mad cow scare, says a campaign by the industry." This comes as a report of Mad Sheep (where BSE originally came from, supposedly) in Canada makes everybody jumpy, and a report slamming the industry for lax safety procedures makes them all defensive.

And meanwhile, back in the USA, Tom Harkin calls for a full BSE report from the USDA, which apparently knows something that Botswana doesn't - or is it the other way around? Somehow the latter got it into their heads that it's not safe to feed cattle the manure of chickens who have eaten cattle. What could possibly go wrong?

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