Monday, June 9


Canada, U.S. likely have more mad cow cases - expert. The exchange of live cattle between the two countries means there is a "high probability" the brain-wasting disease is in U.S. cattle." This from Ulrich Kihm, a member of the Paris-based Office International des Epizooties' expert committee on bovine spongiform encephalopathy). OK, well that's one expert. Another is Micahel Greger, who supplies meticulous detail to back up "US Violates Global Standards on Preventing Mad Cow." As far as mainstream Journalism, the question Is U.S. beef safe to consume? is finally being openly raised, without providing a reassuring affirmative answer. Meanwhile, the cattle industry marches on with a line of hip drinks ever-so-suavely named "Mad Cow" - "but later renamed Raging Cow to avoid comparisons with the livestock illness. Geez, I hope the comparisons would at least be favorable: "Adulterated milk! It's nowhere near as bad as a fatal brain-wasting disease!" it?

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