Thursday, July 3


In the new Charlies Angels sequel, reviewers keep remarking that Demi Moore looks as hot as, or hotter than, her younger co-stars. One outlet sez that Demi "owes her sizzling new look to Hollywood's hottest new chef, who refuses to cook his culinary delights. ... Juliano's raw treats feature no meat or dairy products." Hmmm.

In terms of plotlines, animal rights and vegetarianism seem to be turning up with more frequency. Rather than quirky supporting characters, vegetarians are moving into lead roles. Last year's My Big Fat Greek Wedding had a vegetarian romantic lead (though the argument could be made that John Corbett still played only a supporting character), and Hollywood Homocide boasts a vegan as one of the mismatched cops in this buddy movie.

In Legally Blonde 2, animal rights becomes a main plot point, the cause for which Elle fights and wins. And in a rare move, this "message" carried over into the real-life shoewear - Reese Witherspoon wore 63 pairs, no leather on any of 'em. Unfortunately, like all the other movies mentioned, this one seems to kind of suck. For a movie that uses vegetarianism/AR in a surprisingly effective way, and which doesn't suck, check out Scotland, PA, an update of MacBeth, in which "McDuff is convinced there's foul play at the new center of the fast food universe."

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