Wednesday, July 16


Don't think the meat industry has undue power over US lawmaking? OK, Reality check: The House voted this week "to exempt meat products from the country-of-origin labels ordered last year for a wide variety of foods, including fish, fruits and vegetables." This from the industry that's creating international incidents over where livestock did or did not originate. Priceless The Price is Right!

The joke is that this is clearly out of step with the mood of the populace: "Consumers are asking more questions now," says Marget Wittenberg. "They really want to get connected to their food and are looking for the answer." Even the fast-food industry is responding to calls for more social concern - perhaps with an eye to the bottom line, as the number of American teenagers not eating meat doubled last year, according to the BBC. Meanwhile, the government slumbers on, on a mattress stuffed with money.

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