Tuesday, August 26


They all blur together, don't they? I assumed this recall "expansion" (to 659,000 pounds) was tied to the one I blogged on the 5th, but no, this is a whole different state, different company, different "does business as" pseudonym. Same problem: Fecal matter on the meat people are eating, making them sick. And in the case of J&B Meats, it is the same company - same as last summer, as this Illinois meatpacker recalls 76,000 pounds of meat, following up on an incident from June 2002 when people at a picnic were sickened by the company's feces-laden meat. Hey, at least J&B's not selling E.coli-laced meat door-to-door like these bozos in Seattle!

And in related stories, the much-ballyhooed solution of blasting the fecal matter with radiation got a big thumbs-down from Consumer Reports, the main problems being that irradiated meat tastes bad and fails to kill all bacteria, which probably won't help the "low demand" problem such as this one affecting Indiana. Maybe they should just concentrate on stopping people from mentioning stuff like "So they're saying it's totally fine for students to eat feces in their meat as long as it's been irradiated." See, that can't be helping.

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