Friday, August 29


I got some yeas and some nays at a recent conference where I argued that animal-rights activists should disavow any tactics that smack of terrorism, specifically singling out SHAC. Now a new bunch of fanatics, "the Revolutionary Cells," has bombed a building of some business somehow affiliated with Huntingdon, and SHAC, who has linked to the bomber's statement, can't even be moved to say they're against bombing buildings. SHAC president Kevin Jonas makes a general statement about non-violence, then turns around and says "If I were Huntingdon or Chiron, I'd be worried." Yeah, and if I were an animal rights activist, I'd be worried. Because these clowns are making us all look like hypocritical nincompoops, and are making the job of all of us who try to spread the word of the true meaning veganism harder - if not impossible.

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