Friday, September 12


Pennsylvania's Agricultural Secretary, Dennis C. Wolff, is lobbying the USDA to put butter back in the nation's school-lunch program. Why? Because it would help PA dairy farmers, including Dennis C. Wolff. Starting from the minimal point that margarine has trans fats, Wolff tries to argue that butter is more nutritious, listing trace elements that can be found in it, but copiously avoiding mentioning saturated fat (or trans fats, which are also in butter, but in lesser amounts). Wolff even admits that the nutritional differences between butter and margarine are minimal. "But having said that," he asked, "why not use butter?" Gosh, why not? Maybe because unlike vegetable oil, we have to steal it from a calf? Maybe because we don't need it? Maybe because we might want to take a stand for once against corporate profiteers-cum-politicians warping children's diets in order to make a buck for themselves and their cronies? Hard to say.

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