Tuesday, September 30


A non-human molecule found in red meat and milk makes its way into the human system when eaten - and seems to build up especially in tumors, U.S. researchers reported on Monday. "Of course, there are already existing recommendations that people should not consume too much food containing saturated fats, such as dairy products and red meats," Lead researcher Professor Ajit Varki said in a statement. "The question arises whether the gradual accumulation of Neu5Gc and the simultaneous presence of antibodies against [it] could be involved in some diseases of later life."

And speaking of gradual accumulation, "Bacteria from the cut-price meat that we eat can remain in the gut for years and, warn scientists, breed superbugs untreatable in humans," reports the Guardian. "So are we sitting on an antibiotic-resistant time bomb? ...When you read this, you will understand why the check-out staff at supermarkets put your meat in a bag separate from your tomatoes."

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