Wednesday, October 15


One of the fun things about our sloooooowly evolving culture is to watch the sport-hunting aficionados try to make sense of the fact that their beloved "tradition" is being rejected by young people as a relic from a stupider time. Here's a fairly typical straightforward report on one state's stats - In the last couple of decades, the number of hunters taking to the field for [Utah's] annual general deer hunt has dropped by more than two-thirds, despite the state's population increasing more than 40 percent. Another is this sobfest about people like Hugh Poirier, who worries about the falling number of Canadian youth who are taking up the "sport," whose "best childhood memories have to do with hunting trips he took with his dad." (Hmmmmm... wonder how many other one-on-one all-day outings little Hugh got with pops?) But the real entertainment is in stuff like this, deliciously clueless whining from the wingnuttiest national newspaper on earth...making ever more stridently the explicit argument that guns equal revenue equal moral authority.

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