Tuesday, October 28


That previous post on veggie lunchroom trends was getting overloaded with updates and addenda, so I'm starting a new one. Latest items: The University of Maryland, Baltimore County is expanding its veggie options - "Future plans for the menu include new types of wraps that will be rotated into the selection. At the moment there is one vegetarian item and one vegan item, but the Rappz plans to add new vegetarian and vegan items, as well as new ethnic flavors." And at Dickson Elementary, a school near downtown Asheville with 368 students, the Cafeteria manager Tina Rector estimates that 25 percent to 30 percent of the school's students are vegetarians. "We have seen more and more vegetarian students," Cindy Lawler [child nutrition director for Asheville City Schools] said. "I've been here going on eight years now, and I would say there's been a gradual increase every year." And elsewhere in the mountains of North Carolina... "We've noticed that also," says Margaret Troy, Buncombe County's director of child nutrition. "There's no way to measure it, but just by observation I would say it is growing."
UPDATE 10/30: Los Angeles school district's Obesity Prevention plan passes, requiring that each school meal must include at least one vegetarian option, and also that soy milk must be made available to students.

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