Monday, November 3


"Dog tracks are a horse-and-buggy bet in gambling's space age. And they're hurting. Everywhere," says the Miami Herald. Yep. They sure are hurting. Hurting dogs left and right. In "a last-gasp effort to resuscitate their expiring industry, the owners of certain South Florida dog tracks want a transfusion. So they're asking for slot machines at the tracks. Um, I'm sure someone else must've said this somewhere, but... if it's slots, rather than dogs, that lure people to the tracks, why not get rid of the dogs?
UPDATE 11/5: "The Naples-Fort Myers Greyhound Track is being investigated by state officials after an animal-rights group claimed two dogs were severely injured last weekend and that a veterinarian was not at the track when the incidents occurred." Note the only issue here is that there was no vet - because dogs being severly injured in the normal course of an afternoon's entertainment barely warrants any notice at all.

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