Tuesday, December 23


It's a little more complicated than that, but not much. While it seems to be an obvious abuse of pedagogical power, the, er, experiment conducted by this teacher merely underscores how cow's milk can be an unwelcome presence in our bodies - not that this is news to Meat Facts readers.

It's also not news that adults push milk on kids who don't want it - this is just an extreme example. But you can find just about anywhere complaints that "my kids don't like milk" and testimonials to clever, innovative ways to trick the li'l ones into drinking it - and since This is That Time of the Year, let's not forget that half-a-century-old lyric about the well-known ways things are different at Christmastime - "Windows are dressed in ribbons of silk / And Junior drinks all of his milk!" Gee, maybe kids' natural antipathy towards cow's milk helps explain why there's so much more supply than demand when it comes to milk - all of which makes the concept of cloning animals for this purpose even more ridiculous. As Carol Tucker Foreman puts it, "Is it worth altering the basic nature of these animals just to make more milk? We have a surplus of milk."

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