Monday, January 12


Add Molly Ivins to the list of those who advocate "just saying no" over the BSE screwup: "If you must eat while Republicans control both the White House and Congress," she advises, "you may want to consider becoming a vegetarian." It's also nice that she gives a shout-out to one of Meat Facts' favorite topics, saying that "Feces is feces whether it's fibrous or not" and topping that "gross" reference with the comment that "'gross' is pretty close to scientifically accurate when it comes to the Bush performance on protecting the meat supply."
UPDATE 1/16: More Just-Say-No's: Stanley Bing swears off beef, even if flippantly: "I guess we have to take a long look at the one party that makes the most sense: cows. They're the ones who got it first. They're giving it to us. They're mad as hell, and I'm not going to eat them anymore." and on a more thoughtful level, a Washington state newspaper notes the current crisis "makes some careful, some vegan:" "It's one of the main reasons I decided to go vegan," said Julie Waller, 37, who was shopping at the Safeway in Tumwater. "I would be concerned if I was still eating meat." Another shopper, Janice Simon, 40, said mad cow disease is a reason to be extra careful. "I won't let my son eat beef because of it," she said.

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