Monday, January 5


"It certainly doesn't take a raging vegan to figure out that USDA guidelines fall somewhere short of safe and sound domestic policy," says an SF Gate editorial, noting that "the agency has long been dominated by the industry it is supposed to regulate."

No, this is beyond the "raging vegan" stage. Now that additional cows are being quarantined and killed to cover up for shoddy bookkeeping while consumers are still denied basic information about the source of tainted food, more and more mainstream critics are saying what we've been saying all along. BusinessWeek says that "Despite USDA reassurances, America's beef supply -- and its citizens -- are at risk." Eric Schlosser's NYTimes op-ed is a virtual rewrite of Michael Greger's New Year's Eve piece And Marion Nestle states that consumers "should express their distress about the current meat situation and just say no." Just say no? Hmmmmm. Maybe it's good sense that turns you into a raging vegan!

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