Monday, February 9


USDA Concludes Mad Cow Search. Yep, they found all the other cows that were at risk. Or, at least, well, 14 of the 25 that definitely ate the same feed that gave December's Mad Cow the disease. And a whopping 29 out of 81 from that farm, all of which the agency was searching for. And see, "Some may have gone to slaughter, but BSE tests would have spotted any that had mad cow," Ron De Haven said. Sure they would've - if all Mad Cows are downers, right?

UPDATE 2/10: "The investigation is not completed, it just failed" - that's one guy's opinion, of course. Unfortunately, that one guy is Tadashi Sato, agricultural attache at the Japanese Embassy.
UPDATE 2/11: There's another guy who thinks the investigation is incomplete - Tom Daschle, who wants the search reopened. "In comments on the Senate floor, Daschle blamed pressure from meatpackers and the cattle industry for the government's decision to close its investigation on Monday." Really. Huh.

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