Friday, February 27


Wow, what a piece of new this is - and how appropos that it comes from our slightly more civilized neighbors across the Atlantic. "Many animal experiments may be of little benefit to treating human disease, according to experts. Much of the research is poorly conducted and not thoroughly evaluated, say scientists at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. They are now urging a systematic review of all existing animal research before new experiments are carried out." - My emphasis, to say, this sounds like they're saying "Stop Animal Testing Now - we'll decide whether to take it up again later." That's pretty big. "In reaching their conclusions," the BBC continues, "the London team carried out a systematic review of all animal experiments which purported to have clinical relevance to humans. They found many weaknesses and believe animal testing needs to be reviewed." Fortunately, they may have an alternative: A plan for a national centre to research and develop alternatives to using animals in medical experiments was announced by the British government, to be "based on a facility at Johns Hopkins University in the US that coordinates research into the so-called three Rs: replacement, refinement and reduction of animals in research.

UPDATE 3/4: University of Virginia: Stop Dog Lab Teaching.

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