Monday, March 29


As I've pointed out, one of the problems with hunting is that basing your hobby around killing defenseless beings can rub off on a guy, leading other transgressions, from minor legal ones to the the wrong beings getting killed. Sometimes the deaths are accidental. Other times it seems a little more complicated. John McNaughton "Mack" English, 26, collected a string of hunting violations in one county. "On July 4, English was cited for hunting deer at night with a light; hunting in a public road; and hunting from a vehicle. Deer-hunting season doesn't start until autumn. On Nov. 9, English again was charged with hunting deer at night with a light and hunting from a vehicle. On Nov. 25, he was cited for using bait to hunt ducks."

But since hunting teaches us that might makes right, English didn't interpret these citations as indicators that he needed to clean up his act, but rather tried to hire an assassin to kill the rangers who ticketed him. See, the outsourcing - that's what got him into trouble. If only he'd practiced more often shooting defenseless beings, he could have gone the DIY route!

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