Tuesday, March 9


"Americans are eating more fat and cholesterol as 'low-carb' diets grow in popularity, but people do not seem to be losing weight and they are putting their health at risk, U.S. researchers said" in a Reuters story from the weekend.

After a probing analysis of food consumption and health-risk data comes the meat of it, if you will, in another study:

"[Low-carb diets] may not help people lose weight, suggested a study by Linda van Horn of Northwestern University in Chicago and colleagues. The study assessed more than 4,000 people in the United States, Britain, Japan and China, asking them to write down everything they had eaten over two 24-hour periods. 'Lo and behold, what we did find is that without exception, a high complex-carbohydrate, high-fiber, high vegetable-protein diet was associated with low body-mass index (the standard measure of healthy weight),' Van Horn said.

Huh. What was that again? "The more animal protein a person ate, the higher his or her weight." Huh. Can ya beat that.

UPDATE 3/10: Another sun-rises-in-the-east discovery, via Vegan Porn: "Consuming foods high in animal protein, saturated fat, eggs and dairy" raises your risk of developing non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL), a cancer that attacks the immune system, say Yale researchers in the American Journal of Epidemiology. "The study also showed that diets high in dietary fiber -- tomatoes, broccoli, mixed lettuce salad with vegetables, cauliflower, etc.-- were associated with a reduced risk of NHL."

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