Friday, March 19


It would be funny but for the tragedy: "Dallas Zoo officials said they can't explain how a 300-pound gorilla escaped from his enclosure, injuring four people before he was shot to death." What a shocker, huh? Whodathunkit? Sorry, but this kind of thing makes me sick. One of the kids hurt in the escape was a toddler, who will be scarred for life at the least, physically and mentally, from this. There's also the death of the gorilla. But hey - that's all right, because the more important thing is keeping wild animals on display in the middle of cities. Yep, it's a necessity!

UPDATE 3/25: Gorilla Escape Now A Federal Investigation Investigators have searched all over the southern section of the Wilds of Africa Exhibit and can't find where Jabari could have escaped. Zoo officials are looking into a tip that teenagers were throwing rocks or ice at the gorilla. The agitation may have caused Jabari to miraculously leap over the wall and electric wire.

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