Wednesday, March 31


Considering the proximity to April Fool's day, I went through this site with a fine-tooth comb because it seems like it could easily be a joke. But my analysis says it's for real (OK, maybe that wasn't the only reason I went through it with a fine-tooth comb...) - it's the Vegan Vixen Show, apparently a bunch of models who are trying to parlay a Web site into an actual broadcast opportunity. Don't know if they'll succeed, but, well, at least they're vegan. The personal pages range from long, believable explanations of the women's vegan roots (including especially that of the main vixen, "Sky Valencia," who says she quit her agency rather than wear fur) to pages where, well, they believe a picture's worth 1000 words. Sky says, "We wanted to appeal to the male audience, the hunters, the dogfighters, the burger eaters - you know, the guys who love Stuff and Low Rider magazine as well as Jack Ass and Howard Stern." OK, good luck! (via - where else? - Vegan Porn)

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